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About Victoria Village

Victoria Village is a vibrant seniors’ community located in the heart of Barrie that provides an aging-in-place experience. Offering 57 Life Lease suites, 16 Senior Residential Suites, a 128 bed Long Term Care facility, and commercial space, Victoria Village is a unique, mixed use campus that provides personalized care and services for those at every stage of aging.

Victoria Village has been a hub for the aging Barrie and area population for over 20 years. Located on the old Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) site, Victoria Village has a history of providing exceptional care and service to its communities.

Victoria Village is also a member of the Barrie and Area OHT – Home (baoht.ca), working together with our community partners toward a care system that puts our patients, clients, family members, and caregivers at the forefront of everything we do


Victoria Village is a vibrant community providing person-centered care with the goal of an individualized aging experience.


To transform our community by celebrating the ageless spirit of people.

It takes a village -- 1. leading the way, 2. advancing our purpose, 3. partnerships that make a difference 4. the ideal aging experience

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is vital to any forward thinking organization, and at Victoria Village, our Board of Directors has developed a dynamic strategic plan. Our current strategic plan was created in 2020 and was designed to shape the future of the Victoria Village, including examining our mission and vision.

Out of this strategic planning session came a new vibrant vision for the organization, defining our role in providing services for seniors in our community.

Our strategic plan is based on four strategic priorities:

  • Advancing Our Purpose
  • Leading the Way
  • The Ideal Aging Experience
  • Partnerships the make a Difference

Advancing our Purpose

A major component of our strategic plan involves advancing our purpose in serving seniors in our community.

The strategic plan has led to a comprehensive Masterplan, slated to be completed in early 2023, that will define the future development of our campus based on a community needs assessment.

As part of this process, Victoria Village has been awarded 128 new long-term care beds by the Province of Ontario.

Leading the Way

As a leader in the healthcare sector, Victoria Village is well positioned to develop and implement exciting new initiatives to support healthcare in our community. One of the key elements of this strategy involves the development of a comprehensive health human resources strategy to ensure that we have the necessary staffing resources available. This strategy will look at innovative approaches to training and education. Victoria Village is leading the way in advancing models of care for seniors within long-term care and part of our strategy is to continue to develop this approach as we introduce new beds into the healthcare system.

The Ideal Aging Experience

Our strategic vision has a focus on looking at what seniors of tomorrow will want in their ideal aging experience. Through our market research and community needs analysis, we will be examining the changing needs of seniors in the future and looking to design our programs and services to meet those needs.

Partnerships that Make a Difference

Victoria Village has developed a strong approach to building partnerships within the healthcare community. Our recent partnerships include participation on the Barrie and Area Ontario Health Team. Through these partnerships, we will help shape the future of healthcare in Barrie.

Board of Directors

Victoria Village is an incorporated, charitable, and not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Adam Promoli

Vic Skot
Vice Chair

Thomas Turnbull

Pat Mansfield
Director, Past Chair

Shannon Ambeau

Sheila West

Victoria Village Barrie

Kay Morrison

Victoria Village Barrie

Sharon Partridge

Steve Benson

Victoria Village Barrie

Melissa Gignac

Leadership Team

For general inquiries, email [email protected] or see our “Contact” page.
If you have a specific question, request, or comment, reach out to a member of our leadership team:

Bill Krever

President and CEO
(705)728-3456 ext. 798
[email protected]

Elpidia Khan

Director of Nursing
(705)728-3456 ext. 704
[email protected]

Jolene Morrow

Director of Resident and Family Services
(705)728-3456 ext. 752
[email protected]

Loree Carter

Director of Operations
(705)728-3456 ext. 224
[email protected]

Julie Burnie

Food Services Manager
(705)728-3456 ext. 767
[email protected]

Pat Armstrong

Life Lease Coordinator
(705)728-3456 ext. 221
[email protected]

Jonathan Cole

Director of Finance
(705)728-3456 ext. 790
[email protected]

Rachael Welch

IPAC Specialist
(705)728-3456 ext. 747
[email protected]

Audrey Steinburg

Special Projects Manager,
Privacy Officer
(705) 728-3456 ext. 759
[email protected]