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Suites at Victoria Village

Victoria Village offers two housing options for mature adults, aged 55 and older, on our Victoria Village campus. Life Lease Suites provide fully independent living, while our Senior Residential Suites provide additional support with a provided meal plan.

Victoria Village Barrie

Senior Residential Suites

Victoria Village’s Senior Residential Suites offer a different experience from Life Lease, as residents of these units are provided two chef-prepared meals each day. Residents can maintain their independence, without having to worry about grocery shopping or preparing their own meals.

Residents are offered options at each meal, and are served lunch and dinner in our beautiful, glassed-in dining room, facing out toward scenic Queen’s Park and Barrie’s downtown.

Life Lease

The Life Lease Suites at Victoria Village are designed for seniors who are looking for a housing option that reduces worry, offers security and peace of mind, investment opportunities, and a community of others with shared lifestyles and interests.

Life Lease is a newer model of housing, which offers the benefits of a long-term lease and has many advantages over home ownership. The Suites can be purchased at a fair market value, and residents of the Suites have the exclusive right to occupy the suite and access common facilities, including a gym, outdoor patios, and activity space. A guest suite is also available at a reasonable daily rate for visitors and loved ones to stay comfortably. Life Lease Suites have the potential to earn a return on one’s investment, similar to equity growth in a home. All this is accomplished without the worry and headache of owning, maintaining, or selling a home.

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Victoria Village Barrie

Available Suites

Explore the Village! Check out our available Suites for rent and/or sale. Contact our Life Lease office at [email protected] or (705) 728-3456 to learn more or to book a tour.